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Leagues Overview

New York Squash has run squash leagues continuously since the organization's inception as the Metropolitan Squash Racquets Association in 1928. Now with more than 1,000 players across the singles and doubles team leagues, the NY Squash leagues have grown to become the largest squash leagues in the country and among the largest in the world. 

How the Leagues Works
League teams are formed among players from squash clubs throughout the metropolitan area, from Brooklyn to Westchester, and incorporate skill levels from competitive beginners to professional. For the 2016-2017 Singles and Doubles League season, teams must be registered by October 1. Matches begin November 14 and run through April. Contact your club pro or club's team captain to join a team (NY Squash permits players to join a team at any point in the season, as long your team captain agrees there's space on your club team). You must be a current US Squash member to compete in league.

Leagues Commitee
NY Squash leagues are governed by a committee who give their time to organize the 1,000-plus league players all around the city to have a productive and fun season. The members of the Leagues Committee are:

  • Cleve MillerCo-Coordinator of Singles League
  • Michael Pepper, Co-Coordinator of Singles League
  • Nick TattiCo-Coordinator of Singles League
  • Dov Kleiner, Singles League Commitee
  • Lauri Sklar, Singles League Commitee
  • Marshall DavidsonCo-Coordinator of the Men's Doubles League
  • Bryan FitzpatrickCo-Coordinator of the Men's Doubles League

You can reach the committee by emailing Please do NOT email the committee regarding basic questions about either the singles or doubles leagues. Click on the links to the right for information about rules, scoring and how league works.

Learn More
Use the links at right to learn more about the NY Squash singles and doubles squash leagues, including how to join an existing team and guidelines for starting a new team. Most questions regarding the leagues can be answered from the information contained on the links at the right. However, If you are looking for information that is not contained on our website, you can email the League Coordinators for the Singles League and the Doubles League, separately, at: and, respectively.