Singles League Rules


1.    Team Registration

  • New York Squash league teams may be started by NY Squash member, with approval from his/her club pro, or by the staff at a member club. To register a League team, please contact by October 1.

  • Once the team is registered, Captains must create team rosters by entering at least 7 player names on the US Squash league website by the Min-7 Deadline outlined by the League Coordinator, typically mid-October.

2.    Club Eligibility

  • Squash clubs in the New York metropolitan area host NY Squash League teams. Clubs must be current NY Squash member clubs, and league clubs and teams must pay dues.

  • Teams must be hosted by a club with courts available for league matches.

  • Clubs may enter multiple teams for play on a specific night with permission of their club pro and in coordination with the League Committee.

3.    Player Eligibility & Substitutes

  • In order to be added to the roster, a player must have current US Squash membership at time of roster registration.

  • To be eligible to play in a league match, a player must have current US Squash membership and be listed on the team roster. If a player's membership expires mid-season, he or she may not play a match until membership is renewed. Captains won't be able to enter scores for a player with expired membership, so it will be scored as an automatic default. Players may join or renew membership with US Squash.

  • Teams may add players throughout the season.

  • A player may only compete on one team per division, unless as an eligible substitute on a second team, or as a women’s player playing in both women’s and men’s divisions.

  • A player may only compete for one club.

  • On the Men's side, a player's rating at the start of the season must be below- not at- the title of said division. (i.e., in order to play in 4.0, a player must be rated at 3.99 or below; to play in 5.5, a player must be rated at 5.49 or below).

  • For Women, the divisions teams are comprised of three players at different levels: A, B and C. The definitions for those levels will be predetermined by the League Committee in conjunction with the Women’s Leadership Committee. If there are questions about player eligibility please contact the league.

  • A player may be a substitute player for teams in higher divisions. To compete in higher divisions, the player must be added as a "Sub" on a team roster in the higher division by the time of the match. If the player has competed in higher divisions four times, he or she is no longer eligible to play in a division below the lowest of the higher divisions (ineligibility includes playoffs/finals).

  • Note that the substitution and eligibility rules both apply, e.g., a 4.2 rated player can never substitute and play a match on the 3.5 team.

  • A woman may compete on a men's team. In addition, a woman may compete in both a men's and a women's division during the season, and in playoffs for both.

4.    Team Structure

  • Teams must have a minimum of seven players registered by the Min-7 deadline outlined by the League Coordinator at the beginning of season.   Women’s divisions are subject to the team Min-7 deadline as outlined above.

  • Each team must have a Captain. The Captain reserves courts, coordinates matches with opposing captains, arranges lineups, and enters scores.

  • Each team may also have a Co-Captain, who will have access to the league website.  NY Squash strongly recommends this for all teams.

5.    Scheduling Matches & Captain Communication

  • NY Squash League Chairs set the season schedule in advance. The match schedule will be released to captains and club pros in late October.

  • At the start of the season, captains should reserve courts for all their home matches. Matches should be played between 6:00-9:30 pm. NY Squash recommends that Captains reserve courts primarily between 7:00-8:30 pm.

  • Matches must be played on the assigned night. RESCHEDULES ARE NOT ALLOWED.

  • Home Captains should contact the visiting Captains at least three days prior the match to communicate court times, club location, and preliminary (or final if available) lineup. Visiting Captain should respond with their preliminary or final lineup. Captains can find opposing captain's contact information via US Squash, or by contacting their division coordinator.

  • Lineups must be finalized by the day before the match. If a captain needs to change his or her lineup after the lineups have been finalized, the captain must communicate such changes to the opposing captain. Common courtesy applies to lineup changes and should only occur in the event of a player injury or unavoidable scheduling changes. Please contact the League and Division Coordinators if there are any issues with scheduling a lineup. (Captains deemed by the Leagues Committee to be repeat offenders with respect to scheduling lineups shall be removed as captain, and another captain shall be appointed.)

  • Visiting Captains must ensure that they are aware of all relevant club rules and dress code, and must inform their team of the same, and are responsible for their players’ conduct while visiting such club.

6.    Match Line Ups

  • The number of matches played per night varies by division: M Open and W ABC play three matches per night. M5.5, M5.0, M4.5, M4.0, M3.5, M3.0, play four matches per night.

  • The team's best player that night plays the opposing team's best player. The 2nd best plays the other team's 2nd best, etc.  Captains should try to agree on the order at which matches are played to accommodate schedules as best possible but, as a default, matches should be played in seed order, i.e., first no.1s, then no.2s, etc.

  • A lineup must follow a reasonable ranking of the relative playing levels of a team’s players. Teams should NOT manipulate their lineup to deliberately use a better player at a lower seed. If opposing captains disagree on the reasonableness of lineups, such reasonableness shall be determined by the League and Division Coordinators in their sole and absolute discretion, whose ruling shall be final without the possibility of review or appeal.

  • If a scheduled player cannot play, a non-rostered player may compete in order to give opponent a fun game. However, the match does not count toward team rankings, and the official score will be recorded as a default in favor of the opponent.

7.    Match Play

  • Home Captain should supply 1 new ball for all the matches hosted that night.

  • Warm-up should be limited to five minutes (two-and-a-half minutes per side). Captains or home team players must ensure adherence to time limits since court time is constrained.

  • All matches in all divisions will be three-out-of-five games, with Point-a-Rally (PAR) scoring to 11 points. All other US Squash rules shall apply to all matches.

  • Individual match victories count towards a player's national ranking as well as towards the final team result in the match.

  • In the event of a tie in four-player team matches, total accumulated games will decide the winning team. In the event of a tie of games, total accumulated game points will decide the winning team.

  • Home Captains are responsible for entering match scores on the US Squash League Website within 48 hours of match completion. The system will automatically award a default to both teams if scores have not been reported within 48 hours.

  • Visiting Captains are responsible for reviewing and confirming score entry within 72 hours of the match completion.

  • Play should follow the official rules of squash and use a double yellow dot ball.

8.    Refereeing

  • Matches should be refereed and marked by a player from each team, who are ideally the captains. Each call will be decided by both referees. If the referees disagree on a call, a let shall be played.

  • If a match is self-refereed, players should be aware of the following guidelines: strokes cannot be taken or demanded by the player calling the let but must be granted by the obstructing player; and any other disputed call must deemed a let.

  • At any point during a match, if a player from each team is unavailable to referee such match, either of the two players playing a match or either captain may request the appointment of a referee who is not a member of either team. Once such referee is designated, all calls of the referee shall be final.

9.    Defaults, No-Shows, and Re-Schedulings

  • All League matches must be played on the night scheduled. RESCHEDULING IS NOT ALLOWED without advance league permission.

  • If a player is not ready to play within 15 minutes of the assigned match start time, the opposing player or Captain may enforce a Player Default.

  • A Player Default shall occur automatically if a player's US Squash and/or NY Squash membership is expired at the time of a match.

  • A Player Default shall occur automatically if a player does not abide by the dress code of the home team's club.

  • A team that cannot fill all roster positions on a given night must notify opposing team Captain and players in enough time to release courts. If a player defaults, the opposing team shall decide whether the matchups remain the same or the incomplete team’s players shall each move to a higher position.

  • The non-defaulting player should be entered on the league systems as winner (by default) so the match will count towards playoff eligibility

  • Repeated defaults by a team may result in removal from the League by the League Committee, after the captain of such team has been warned in writing (electronically or otherwise) by either the League Committee or the League Coordinators.

  • If a match is prematurely terminated due to court-time constraints, such match must be completed within seven days, according to these rules:

    • if two or fewer games were completed when play was suspended, the match should be replayed in its entirety; and

    • if three or more games were completed, then match resumes at the beginning of the interrupted game with a score of 0-0, with the score of completed games remaining as they stood (e.g., if the match was halted at 2 games to 1 game, with a score of 5-2 in Game 4, the match resumes at the start of Game 4 with a score of 0-0 and the winner of the third game to serve).

10. Safety and Injury

  • Players must wear protective eyewear for league matches.  We ask the entire league community to help enforce this rule. If a player participates without wearing eye protection and a charge is made with the League and Division Coordinators, the un-lensed player shall be automatically defaulted.

  • If a player is injured while on court:

    • If injury was caused by opponent: do not reschedule. The injured player wins the match if any recovery time is needed. [Scoring: mark score of any completed and interrupted games; mark score of un-played games as 11-0]

    • If self-inflicted injury (sprained ankle, fatigue, etc: do not reschedule. The injured player is allowed 3 minutes to recover and must then play on (he may also concede that game using the 90 second rest period between games to recover). If he can't continue, injured player concedes the match to opponent [Scoring: player keeps points from completed games; un-played games would be scored 0-11]

    • If contributed by both players, or if it was a court problem (e.g., something fell from the ceiling and hit a player, etc.): you may reschedule. Follow "Unfinished Match" guidelines above.

11. Regular and Post-Season Structure

  • Divisions with 6 or fewer teams: top four teams advance to Playoffs/Finals (see below).

  • Divisions with 7 to 12 teams: top eight teams advance to Playoffs/Finals (except Men's Open, which always has a four-team playoff)

  • Divisions with 13-16 teams: All teams compete in a seeded Tournament bracket of 16, with a consolation draw, according to seedings calculated following the last regular match. The Final Four bracket serves as playoffs, and the Championship serves as the final.

12. Playoffs & Finals

  • Playoffs will be run in a seeded, knockout style bracket based upon season results.

  • For uneven brackets, the top seed will receive a bye-week during the first round of playoffs.

The higher seeded team will always be home during playoff matches.

  • The finals will be the winners of the semi-finals playoff matches and will be played at Finals event, held on a weekend date at the end of season.

  • If two teams have tied win scores at the end of the regular season, the tie is settled first by total individual matches won, then total individual games won, and then total individual points won. If a tie still ensues, a pre-playoff match will determine which team advances to the playoffs.

  • No player may compete in any playoffs or finals match unless he or she has played in at least three matches for that team during the regular season.

  • If a team dropped out mid-season, final division rankings will be calculated by removing that drop-out team's matches.

  • If a match was double-defaulted, it will count as a loss for both teams.

  • If a player has served as a sub for a second team during the season, he may only compete in playoffs/finals for one division (except for women who play on men's teams; they may compete for both teams).Costs & Court Payments

Costs & Court Payments

  • League team dues are $225.

  • Some clubs pay their league team dues; in those cases, invoices will be sent directly to club managers.

  • For teams whose clubs do not pay their league team dues, the captain should collect money from team players. Payment can then be made via Venmo. The NY Squash Venmo account is: @NY-Squash.

  • For clubs with court fees, the host Captain must arrange for payment of court fees.

  • If a team is hosting, but it's actually an 'away' game, then host Captain should reserve courts and collect money from opposing team.


  • The game of squash is dependent on the honor system and common courtesy. The league rules and common sense should prevent most disputes. However, if disputes can not be resolved by the players or captains themselves, please contact the  League and Division Coordinators or the Leagues Committee.


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