Doubles League Captain Responsibilities


Set up and Pay for your Team

  1. By October 1 - Let NY Squash know your intent to captain a team by emailing the Doubles League Chairs

  2. October 14 - Create your roster online. You must have at least three players registered to be included in the schedule. (You may add additional players during the season.) Players must have current US Squash/NY Squash membership to be added to your team roster online. Of the three required players, only one may be a sub from a lower-level team.

  3. Pay $125 team dues - some clubs cover this court, and for other clubs, the teams pay directly. Check with your club.

Reserve Courts

By Oct 28 - Reserve courts for all home matches for the season, once NY Squash releases the final match schedule. Work with your club pro on this. Payment for the courts should be made upfront at the start of the season.

Organize Your Roster

Players must be current US Squash/NY Squash members to compete. Remind your players to renew memberships throughout the season. It is impossible to enter match scores for a player with expired membership, so those matches will be automatically recorded as a default.

Coordinate Matches

  • Talk to opposing captain to confirm match start times and player names at least the day before the match. You can find opposing captain's contact information on the Teams webpage or the US Squash League Website.

  • No reschedules are allowed. Due to court constraints and players' busy schedules, matches must be played on the assigned night. In exceptional circumstances, a reschedule may be possible with the consent of the MSRA/NY Squash and opposing team captain.

  • Defaults: any team with three defaults may be removed for the remainder of the season.

Play Matches, Report Scores

  • Home Captains supply new balls for matches. Please work with club pros to ensure balls are available.

  • All Doubles League matches are scored PAR -15 (Point a Rally, to 15 points), best of five games.

  • Call a referee if needed. Experienced referees can make matches more fun and fair.

  • Captains must enter scores within 48 hours of match, or the match will be automatically defaulted by the system. We recommend that winning captain do this, but captain or co-captain of either team can enter scores. Once scores are entered, opposing captain confirms results or alters for accuracy. If results are altered, originating captain must then confirm. Score disputes should be brought to the attention of the Doubles League Chairs.

Know the Rules

  • Review the Doubles League Rules. Rules keep squash a game of courtesy and honor. Also, following these rules ensures that the league is fair and fun for everyone.

  • Ensure your players follow the rules. If a player is showing up late, not calling lets/clearing/giving strokes, or not wearing protective eyewear, address the player to maintain fair play.


Doubles League

Captain Responsibilities
Doubles League Rules

Need Help?

US Membership and Payment

Website Directions

  • Visit the Website Help page for instructions on entering scores, adding players to your roster, checking match schedules.

Conflicts with Other Captains

  • We ask that captains try to work together to resolve disputes. If you can't come to an amicable solution, email the Doubles League Chairs.