Squash Clubs

League play, training, competition and camaraderie: the squash community of the greater New York metropolitan area revolves around over 40 squash clubs, both private and public.


New York City  |  Westchester County and Connecticut

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Chelsea Piers Connecticut

12 Courts  /  Public, Membership Required - Learn to play squash, join a competitive league, or play squash for fun at the Chelsea Piers Athletic Club in Stamford, CT — home to the largest and most dynamic squash facility in the area. Boasts 11 international squash courts and 1 hardball doubles court. Hosts many tournaments throughout the year.

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Country Club of New Canaan

3 Courts  /  Private, Members Only - The Country Club of New Canaan boats 2 international squash courts and 1 hardball doubles court as well as one of the best SDA professionals to teach you hardball doubles in Yvain Badan.

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Field Club of Greenwich

5 Courts  /  Private, Members Only- The Field Club of Greenwich boasts 4 international squash courts as well as 1 hardball doubles court.

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Greenwich Academy

5 Courts  /  Public, Membership Required - Greenwich Academy, the 11-time girls High School Squash National Champions, boast 5 international squash courts.

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Greenwich Country Club

3 Courts  /  Private, Members Only - The Greenwich Country Club boasts 2 international squash courts and 1 hardball doubles court.

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LifeTime Fitness Westchester

6 Courts  /  Private, Members Only - LifeTime Fitness in Westchester is only a short drive away from New York City and boasts 6 international squash couts.

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MSquash Accelerator

6 Courts  /  Public, Membership Required - Located in Port Chester and run by Shaun Moxham (coach of David Palmer) and Katline Cauwels (former PSA world #42). Opened in 2018, MSquash is a unique, high-tech squash center with the first ASB interactive courts in the US, and Shaun has the coaching expertise necessary to successfully integrate the technology into effective training. Shaun and Katline’s reputation is such that, although they had only been open one month, their summer 2018 junior programs immediately sold out. Easily accessible for NYC players with a 50-minute Metro North ride from Grand Central Station.

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New York Sports Club - Stamford Commerce

4 Courts  /  Public, Membership Required - The New York Sports Club in Stamford boasts 4 international squash courts.

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Round Hill Club

3 Courts  /  Public, Membership Required - The Round Hill Club boasts 3 international squash courts as well as a gorgeous golf course.

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3 Courts  /  Public, Membership Required - Sportsplex boasts 3 international squash courts and is known for creating some fierce and competitive squash players who go on to play at great schools.

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Squash Alley

5 Courts  /  Private, Members Only - The Squash Alley is a small personalized squash club close to downtown Stamford, Ct, providing the very best in court construction and program/coaching arrangement in a healthy, positive environment. With three state-of-the-art ASB courts and an exercise area. The memberships will be categorized in three small groups—Academy, Individual and Non-prime time.

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St. Luke's Squash Club

6 Courts  /  Public, Membership Required - St. Luke's Squash Club is open to all ages and ability levels. No affiliation with St. Luke's School is required. Members have access to our four international squash courts, world-class instruction, and events.

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The Hotchkiss School

8 Courts  /  Public, No Membership Required - The Hotchkiss School boasts 8 international squash courts.

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Trinity College

10 courts/ Private, Members Only - Trinity College, home of the longest winning streak in the history of collegiate sports, is home to 10 international squash courts.

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