The New York Squash Individual championships

November 25, 2019 - April 4, 2020


Will Carlin at the NY Open 2015

Will Carlin at the NY Open 2015

The New York Individual Championships define the skill division champions for the NY district. Winners of each division have complimentary entry to the US Squash National Skill Level Championships in October 2020.

This is a self-scheduling tournament that runs from late November through March. When draws are posted, players have three to four weeks to arrange their first round match with their opponent, with the club, day and time to be agreed on by both players. Matches are self-reffed (as with league) and when results are posted for the first round, the second round matches are defined, and the process repeats until March, when the NY Individual Championship Finals are held (see schedule below). There is one consolation round, so players are guaranteed two matches.


  • Self-scheduling: Matches may be scheduled for any time that both players agree on, but players must commit to being available to play within the allotted time frame for each round, and with availability to play weeknight evenings Monday-Thursday at a start time between 6:00pm - 9:00pm. Please do not register if you cannot commit to some variation on these hours of availability.

  • Communications: Players should communicate with each other via email to schedule their match, and should always copy the tournament director, so that any default due to lack of availability can be assessed to the correct player.

  • Additional Fees: Some clubs may charge guest fees and/or court fees; payment of any fees is to be agreed upon by both players.

  • See FAQs below for more details.


  • Price: $60 ($50 with early registration on/before Nov 9)

  • Registration closes November 22 at midnight.

  • Draw size: 16 or 32, depending on division.


  • First Round of 32: matches played between November 25 and December 21.

  • 2nd Round of 16: matches played between January 2 and January 25.

  • Quarterfinals: matches played between February 3 and February 22.

  • Semifinals: matches played between Feb 24 and March 14.

  • NY Squash Individual Championship Finals played on Saturday March 28.


Why this tournament format?
Self-scheduling tournaments are a classic format, and allows NY Squash to provide members with a lower-cost tournament that doesn’t take up an entire weekend. Self-scheduling tournaments are run successfully in many US Squash districts; the Massachusetts Squash Singles Championship had almost 700 players last season.

How do I schedule my matches?
When draws are posted, you should email your opponent, copying the tournament director ( Suggest a time, date, and venue, and the two of you should arrive at a schedule agreement.

What if my opponent isn’t flexible and we can’t agree to any scheduling?
Squash sportsmanship is such that this rarely happens. If it does (due to unexpected business travel, for example), we have the information needed to decide if a player merits a default, because all emails between you and your opponent are on record,



Registration closes at midnight Friday Nov 22.

Price: $60 (save $10 with $50 early registration on/before Nov 9)

Contact: Paulina Rojek