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The Season Opener - 2015-Nov-15

Sunday, November 15, 2015 - 10:00am - 1:00pm

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Join NY Squash & StreetSquash for our ½ day Season Opener Tournament


What better way to get your game back into form than through a fun, efficient one day tournament?  Participation is capped at 32 players, so you’ll play ~14 games in about three hours, the tunes will be jamming, and you should leave exhausted and happy.  Brought to you by NY Squash and StreetSquash.  Contact with questions.


Date: November 15, 2015

Event price: $40 (all proceeds go to the StreetSquash program)

Format: 8 player round robins x2

Duration: doors open at 9:30am, starts at 10am and lasts ~3 hours

Skill levels: co-ed, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5

Location: StreetSquash, with their eight beautiful courts!


Here are the details.  We designed this tournament to maximize fun, ensuring:

1)   competitive matches

2)   limited waiting time

3)   a transparent sequence of events


The event takes about three hours and the ~14 games should leave you exhausted and happy:


-       Up to 32 players will be divided into four groups of 8 players based on skill levels

-       First 1.5 hours: each group of 8 players is assigned to two courts (dubbed a pod).  All players play each other in 1 game matches to 11, sudden death (first to 11 and you don’t need to win by two points).  Ie, you’ll play seven games to 11.

-       Shuffle: depending on the skill levels within the pods, we may reassign players to different pods based on the scores.

-       Second 1.5 hours: repeat with another 8 players!

-       The winner is the person who accumulated the most points over the 14 games.  And yes, we’ll have the tunes rocking…. Fun!


A StreetSquash teaching tool

This tournament has two goals.  First, it’s designed to be a great experience for the players – we think the format is competitive, social, and we hope you have a great time.  Second, it is a teaching vehicle for the StreetSquashers running the tournament.  Ultimately, we’d love for the students to run all aspects of the tournament: design, planning, budgeting, execution – everything.  The skills learned should be transferrable outside of this venue – you may see more StreetSquashers helping run other NY Squash tournaments – and helpful as they become young adults.  We’re using components of the tournament to develop seminars on

-       budgeting

-       defining goals and problem statements

-       planning and scenario simulation

We encourage you to be both a player and teacher, giving your ideas, perspective, and feedback throughout the day.  This is our first tournament using this structure, and we look forward to any and all suggestions.  These students have been selected to participate in this leadership building program; let’s help them stand on our shoulders. 



Location: The entrance to StreetSquash is on 41 West 115th Street (Between 5th Avenue and Lenox Avenue).  The 116th 2-3 subway stop is one block away, and there’s a parking garage on 115th between 5th and Lenox, next to the entrance. 


Timing: Doors open at 9:30am, instructions will be reviewed at 9:50am, play starts promptly at 10am and should be finished around 1pm. 


Eye-ware: protective eye-ware must be worn with no exceptions.  Thank you.


Facilities: StreetSquash is an afterschool program and not a fitness center.  There are locker rooms and showers, but we ask you to please bring your own towel (we’ve got the soap!)


Snacks: we’ll help give you the energy you’ll need by providing fruit, energy bars and water. 


Swag: a sweet water bottle will help keep you hydrated


Event Details

Event Price$40.00
NY Squash Member Discount$0.00
Registration for this event closes on Nov 15, 2015.

Event Venue(s)

41 West 115th Street Between 5th Avenue and Lenox Avenue
New York, NY 10026
Phone: +1 212 289 4838