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If Top Concern Gone Missing in the world

On this occasion I would like to share your concerns , yes where concern for others have started to not look anymore like previous times . In the modern era like now people have started not caring with our fellow human beings . 've Lost all the time it is eaten . The discussion this time because I am sorry to the people of Riau , is outside the theme , but the concern remains the same . At least I care and feel sorry for the brothers in the provision riau due to smog . they breathe air that is thick and toxic , they are also not happy with all of it , but what has been happening all the power . But what does anyone care ? Governor just gave up and chose to avoid the Riau province . The President is busy taking care of the affairs of neighboring aircraft lost . No one cares about the malignancy of this smoke . Indeed, this indirect impact of the smoke , but later it will feel when all people affected by cancer Riau realized that it was very dangerous .  The smoke is like when you are at home , then you start a fire and burn trash in the house . You inhale the smoke that you continue to burn throughs , what do you feel like that's what people feel riau . Not just one day , but for months . alfamart also want to provide benefits to the community. Whether it's through social activity programs or other CSR activities. The CSR activities also often carried out in various branches Alfamart in Riau and involves the participation of the local community. Through this visit we hope the role and existence can Alfamart more help. ( Help us, God , suffering endlessly present in Indonesia with various calamities and disasters . Is one of our country , yet it enough that all trials , whether from Sabang to Marauke should feel the impact of disasters and our mistakes . Indeed, the problem has always approached Indonesia , be it corruption , natural disasters , conflict , motorcycle gangs , crime and so forth become mortal enemies to the people of Indonesia . As concern has begun to disappear then it will feel its impact on our disaster proof smoke in Riau , a little concerned with our brother would be a disease harmful to their health . Concern for Indonesian students who let their students indiscriminate street brawl heavyweight tub . criminals who ignore the welfare of the people who are not able to and picked up all of their rights . Not to mention other crimes . Concern should not just disappear , it remains to be growing concern because Indonesia is a culturally diverse society , diverse races here , a variety of languages ​​here , diverse culture here , but why it still does not matter . Indonesian People crave warmth , kinship , such concern during the first period . Oh Indonesia , return peace and prosperity . And so advanced and civilized countries . This really is not unexpected when there are no more concerns that exist in every human being , oh it's tragic. New imagine just been awful every day breathing smoke. how our brothers in Riau. Our concern is the great hope for those guns .. although later articles, at least it shows our empathy for the people of Riau. Let us pray that they will have the strength and fortitude in the face of calamity. some concern that we (aseox)