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Common Life-style liquor Karaoke Venue

Ponorogo is getting more and more plus more entertainment with mushrooming number of karaoke bars or cafes , this unit link terbaik di Indonesia Commonwealth Life investra link marks the noise bustle nightlife in Ponorogo regency will more and more . Adherents of this boom in coraki with karaoke music from a karaoke and more. Even karaoke growth not only in the center of Ponorogo but also has begun to mushroom in several districts in the capital city of Ponorogo regency . For the City of Ponorogo have some karaoke café laden with Miras circulation and illicit medicines . Some karaoke place in the region , among others, the City of Ponorogo , Susana Karoke , California Karoke , Exsotik Karoke , NAV karaoke , then up again Kencana Dewi karaoke and out of Ponorogo like Princess Vinata in Ngebel , HBI in Siman and Karoke galaxies in San Lorenzo . Thus policy should provide regulatory oversight of several nightspots in order Ponorogo quieter and much less conducive Towards the - Towards the next Presidential Election . Like Saturday night ( Commonwealth Life investra link ) at around 22:00 pm Dozens of alignment Mapaolres Policy Ponorogo from all unions called sudden raid into some karaoke . In a raid that night called police found some children under the age of not carrying ID or identity and by direct force in return while in salahs up or karaoke in the Golden Goddess Policy visitors find the use oplosan namely Arjo and beer mixed . " Task in sudden raid into some karaoke place , had managed to discover a child under the age of various female genitalia in California karaoke because children are still young naka is not normal show ID because students are admitted by the staff in return and given the construction whereas in Karoke Kencana Dewi Policy visitors find menggak oplosan Arjo with beer , police seize oplosan drinks and construction to its users , " teranbg kasubag among District Public Relations Ponorogo AKP.Imam Khamdani . Meanwhile Kasatnarkoba Ponorogo District police who led the way last night Razia explains that raid was called in order to create the conditions by the presidential election of 2014. And this will continue to raid called at any time. " Razia 's what we call in order pilprers Towards the 2014, and the mandate to call raid ditempayt entertainment to anticipate the passage of medicines Miras and Miras will berpebngaruh tertalarng because for the last user control, " said Purnomo AKP.Agung . (alfase) Still according to the General in the raid on the night of the week called the Task successfully secure the two girls under the age of three visitors use oplosan Arjo Miras . " In California we have found two abg girls were in the room with an adult male because he could not reveal the identity of his confession and apparently still students so we ask that abg second home while in Karaoke Kencana Dewi we find three visitors menkomsumsi Arjo Miras in oplos beer , drinks we seal it and we wre performer for construction, " glimpses Kasat narkoba. (siaga)