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Presidents of the Metropolitan Squash Racquets Association and NY Squash

MSRA & NY Squash presidents are elected by the full board and serve a two-year term. They are typically elected from a pool of long-serving board members and work to organize the structure and strategic initiatives of the board and the organization. Like all board members, presidents are not compensated for their work. Many of the organization's best known events and programs, such as the Grand Open and its link to the Tournament of Champions, came from the initiative of past presidents.

Term Name
2013-2015 Steven Carter
2010-2013 Jessica Green Wilson
2009-2010 Corey Modeste
2007-2009 Andrew Linder
2006-2007 Zoë Gleadhall Brunson
2002-2005 Alex Lau
2001 Curt McDonald
1994-2001 Michael Rothenberg
1992-1994 Beth Rasin
1991-1992 Robert D. Lilien
1989-1991 George Bostwick
1987-1989 Pete Bostwick
1982-1985 Myron Solin
1980-1982 Harry Saint
1978-1980 Ames Brown
1975-1978 John Reese
1973-1975 W. Roland Oddy
1971-1973 James Bacon
1969-1971 John Halpern
1967-1969 James Ethridge
1965-1967 Charles Ufford
1963-1965 Arthur Barker
1961-1963 Rynn Berry
1959-1961 William Ketham
1957-1959 Charles Baker
1955-1957 Harold Baker d'O.
1953-1955 H. Van B. Richard
1951-1953 John Humes
1950-1951 Braham Adams
1947-1950 John Trainer
1944-1947 Bradford Durfee
1942-1944 Braint Cookman
1940-1942 Beekman Pool
1938-1940 Charles Handy
1936-1938 Darwin Kingsley
1933-1936 Edwin Bigelow
1929-1933 Ernest Humpstone
1928-1929 A. Edward Ells
1927-1928 J. Henry Harper
1925-1927 Lawrence Mck. Miller
1924-1925 R. E. T. Riggs